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TDI ---AHU--- conversion 96-99.5

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TDI ---AHU--- conversion 96-99.5

Postby CRSMP5 » Sat Jan 14, 2012 10:42 pm

so tonight i talk to the owner of 007 red kubvan about tdi vs headgasket on his current set up... and decided a list is needed...

of all the tdi set ups the 96-99.5 passat/jetta/golf is most straight forward.. same block design as a aaz or older 1.5/1.6 diesel/td

the parts/doner you seek....
96, 97 passat tdi..
97-99.5 golf/jetta

prefer 5 speed if you can... but a wiped out auto tragic may be a cost effective way to buy... but then what for tranny??

---------------------------------engine 1z/AHU-----------------------------------------------------

all you have to do is modify the motor mount from the current installed diesel to fit.. aka cut off the pump mpunt area.. the aaz/tdi have a cast pump bracket..

you will have to build/fab a new down pipe...

intercooler will require fab of pipes/position of it...

besides all this... it is bolt on like what came stock...

----------------------------------now... tranny... ------------------------------------------------------------

IMO a 020 is kinda weak.. for the amount of torque a tdi can make.. but if you insist to keep a 020 a bolt kit/tranny rebuild is a MUST.. between gaskets/seals and bolt kit your looking at 150 easy in parts not to count labor (6 hr to do this if you got skillz and nothing else bad so ~300ish).. all of a sudden a nice 02a/o2j becomes cost effective... aka after market mounts and 100mm axles are going to run 300-500...

a 02a/o2j is strong, has huge clutch, 228mm.. is a hydro clutch too so no cable to worry about.. but sadly has cable shift.. good for the its all in a box and can mount anywhere.. no rods to adjust so on... making up hydro pieces to fit in a kubvan is simple.. soo much room under dash to do this..

to fit the 100mm axles you have to modify the steering knuckle or the joint its self.. it will dead lock when the nut is tightened with out this simple mod.. takes about 5min per axle or 30 min per spindle.. depending on how/what you want to mod..

on my 02a conversion i used a mitsubi (sp??) brake fluid resivor and mount under the dash to feed the clutch master.. easy peasy and lots in junkyards.. to extend the hydro line i got a piece o f6mm brake line from a parts store.. and a coupler.. it bolts together with no mods/issues.. to the stock hydro parts..

i did weld/build a bracket and piece on the clutch pedal to make it all work.. again.. gotta do it.. but if you have any welding/fab skillz its not hard..


a tdi has lots of wires and such.... i have not done the tdi-e in a kubvan yet.... i have in 2 mk2 jettas though..

the go pedal gets a pot, its drive by wire... so no go cable...

will have cruize, so will require the wiper switches and turn...

almost want to add the ce2 fuse box to plug in the engine that way... put it in beside the stock kubvan stuff and leach power/grounds to it.. then let it power the engine..

it also has electric speedo and such.. not 100% on what to do.. but it is possible to not use it.. ive seen this accomplished... just not positive what is used for the speed sensor..
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Re: TDI ---AHU--- conversion 96-99.5

Postby luckham » Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:54 pm

Good discussion, here is a quote from a friend of mine that did a 1.9 conversion
"the installation was pretty much a straight drop-in. I decided for simplicity's sake to go with the Rabbit pulleys, alternator, and bracket. Water pump was the same so no need to change. I did have to clearance the back of the alt. bracket in a couple of spots as the later W/P housing is a slightly different shape. Bolt holes are the same though. I took the RH Rabbit engine mount and cut off the injector pump end of the bracket and bolted it up to the 1.9. I had to trim away a bit of the back half of the timing belt cover to fit the mount on, and cut a square hole out of the front (plastic) cover. I used the stock Rabbit clutch and flywheel which bolted right up. My engine is still at stock fuelling settings and I drive it quite mildly, so I think this smaller clutch should last just fine. I made my own low budget 2" exhaust out of SS milk piping and bits of scrap 2" pipe from the dump. I really enjoy the low-end torque of the 1.9. I drove it to Victoria a few weeks ago and was able to come back over the Malahat in 5th gear on my high-geared FN code trans with three people in the van"

I have invited jacob to join the forum so watch for him, he's a cool guy knows lots about vw diesels.

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Re: TDI ---AHU--- conversion 96-99.5

Postby CRSMP5 » Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:05 pm

i will also guess he did a AAZ which is a 1.9 idi vs the tdi.. but same mount mod.. id love to talk to him.. warn him of the crank pully failure also.. i have the serp alt set up in my kub.. self adjusting so on.. works well.. requires a shimmed vr6 waterpump pully.. but thats pretty easy..
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Re: TDI ---AHU--- conversion 96-99.5

Postby Jacob » Tue Jan 17, 2012 3:50 pm

Hi Jacob here, just joined up. I go by "Wayland"on, so you've probably seen my posts over there. Yes, it was an AAZ out of a '93 Passat that I installed in my van. Although not as trouble free as using the serp setup, I decided to go with the old MK1 V-belt setup for simplicity's sake. My Passat had had AC on it too, so the serp setup I had wouldn't work anyway. I do know about the crank nose issue these engines often have. One of the first things I did when I got the Passat was pull off the crank sprocket and check the crank nose. To my surprise, especially since the motor had 390,000km on, the crank nose was mint, with no sign of movement at all.
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Re: TDI ---AHU--- conversion 96-99.5

Postby CRSMP5 » Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:48 pm

thats good on the aaz snout.. ive seen your posts... got kubvan in your sig.. hit me up via pm if you need me to host any photos.. need to get more then my crap up for others to see.. :D i did start a aaz thread in the turbo diesel section..
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