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New to me Kubvan

Tell us the stroy of how you got you got your van, when you bought it, where it was and and where you are now. Include serial number and year if you can

New to me Kubvan

Postby 21window » Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:29 pm

New to me Van. Just found it on the local craigslist last week.

It is right hand drive with a 1.8 carbureted gas engine. it is quite peppy actually.

I had a set of 15" minilites I have been saving for a VW project so I threw them on there.

It looks to have had kind of a rough life.

I still need to lower the back a good bit and also the front a bit.

It needs lots of work, but everything works and it is driveable.

I bought it from a Mailman that has owned it since 1988 he delivered mail in it until just recently on a local rural route . He must have bought it from the USPS salvage or something because it has a Self Assembled Ohio title.

His wife has another one that she currently delivers mail in.

This is the second Kubvan I have owned.
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Re: New to me Kubvan

Postby luckham » Sun Nov 03, 2013 7:59 pm

Very nice windows, good visibility when driving, is that a square window in the back with a hatchback style door ?
Looks pretty good on the outside, is it the ford engine or something else ?
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Re: New to me Kubvan

Postby 21window » Mon Nov 04, 2013 4:44 am


To answer a few questions:

Yes it is a VW engine probably out of a Golf or something (runs great)
It has a VW automatic trans.

It has a rectangular window in the back with a hatch I was thinking about putting some of that one way see thru stuff on the glass in the back. maybe silver if I can find it.

It has coilovers in the back which make it a high floor model I believe.. also the reason it sits so high in the back is the prior owner put
race car coils in the back due to the heavy load he was carrying,

Lastly shown is a pic of my last Kub. Right hand drive diesel. Sold it maybe 4 years ago it went to Louisville a VW repair shop that was going to use it as a shop
truck. Never heard any more about it.

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Re: New to me Kubvan

Postby CRSMP5 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:15 am

welcome.. ive heard of yours.. guy i know stalked the guy to a rr track crossing with a train to speak to the po.. :D like 2 years ago.. story then was he bought a few non finished kubvans from some closed warehouse and had them finished at a vw shop.. why self built...

the guy who was looking for doors when he was over yesterday spoke of the cg add.. guy said it lasted less then 15 min.. :D we had pleasent 2hr bs session and i really hope he gets his title issues resolved..

im kihnda the ohio guy on kubvan... :P over by youngstown...

door guy found a stash of bodies too.. i do not ask of that field of dreams.. but he did get doors...

never seen rear windows like that... but i really want under hood pics, and brake master mounting pics and such.. i want to know how they rigged teh brakes on the rhd non electric ones..

the one you sold to ky.. mf auto polished it up.. bagged it.. so on... since they do not return calls (and ive called more then enough times and for some reason get sent to voice mail.. from live people).. knowing it was a low floor.. rhd... ive been trying to contact them with no success as i wonder wha t# it is.. and how the master is rigged..

kurbwatt electric set up... and the master vs intake of gasser/diesel have room problems

and my last edit.. :P of the low floor leaf rear spring set up vs the new coil set up on the new one... which do you prefer more as far as ride vs uasability? your one of the few to have had both...
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Re: New to me Kubvan

Postby sofiajoe » Thu Oct 30, 2014 1:18 pm

New to this posting stuff but after finding this site, had to share my van. I inherited my Dads 1985 KubVan which he had owned since 1989. He bought it from a private owner in Sturgis,michigan and used it as a daily driver. My mom and him joined a local Old Car Club and for many years took it all over the area. I often told my dad if he ever wanted to sell it to give me 1st choice. Well the time came and i jumped. lots of fun driving and gets lots of attention. will post pics as soon as i figure out how.
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