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The Low-Carb Express, #252

Tell us the stroy of how you got you got your van, when you bought it, where it was and and where you are now. Include serial number and year if you can

The Low-Carb Express, #252

Postby Jacob » Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:19 pm

I saw my first Kubvan at a Vancouver-area Vw show in about 2005. Shortly after, I started looking for one. At that time there were a few for sale, but all priced in the $5-8000 range. I gave up on finding one I could afford. Then, in the fall of '08 I was driving a 1981 Vw Dasher diesel. I put an ad on Craigslist Vancouver looking for some parts for the Dasher. I got an email back from a guy saying he didn't have any Dasher parts, but he figured I was into odd-ball Vws (true), and might be interested in this little Vw-powered aluminum van he had. I sent him a rather uninterested-sounding email back, being sure he would want $10,000 or something for it. He emailed back that no, he only wanted $2000 for it. Hmmm, must have something wrong with it, I thought. He assured me that it was in decent shape, but that it had sat in his driveway and not been started for a couple of years, so off I went to Cloverdale to have a look. It was covered with algae, but otherwise in nice shape, and had "Low-Carb Express" an a tel.# on the roof and a couple of other places. The guy who had it drove bus for the City of Vancouver, and used to see the van zipping around town. Once he saw it broken down on the side of the road, and stopped to talk to the woman owner. He told her he would buy it from her if she ever wanted to get rid of it. Not too long after, she called him, and he bought it. Unfortunatley, he was involved in a car accident (not in the kubvan) and suffered a back injury, after which he was unable to do much wrenching, so he decided to let it go to the "right" person, who turned out to be me. I trailered it home, got it running and found out two things: the head gasket was blown, and the auto tranny was horrible. I replaced the head gasket, and soon after converted it to a 5 speed. In the fall of 2011 I swapped in the AAZ out of my 93 Passat (which was a lemon, BTW, except for it's engine) and am very happy with the van now. I cruises nicely at 120kph or so and still gets 45mpg (imperial), the same as what it got with the 1.6NA.
Ser# 252, Built 4/84, Kubvan ex-Canada Post, ex-sandwich delivery van. 1.6NA w/ governer mod, 5 speed trans conversion.
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Re: The Low-Carb Express, #252

Postby CRSMP5 » Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:28 pm

nice story.. kinda hard to read though... next time break it up some.. add a few paragraphs.. unlike a book.. cannot use a finger to keep you on spot..

i got a 90 b3 passat i stuck a 1.6td into.. passats i think are lemons with the cis/vr6 stuff.. but a simple idi diesel.. makes car simple.. :lol: but kubvan now rules.. and if i end up with one from the field of weeds.. ill end up selling it as ill make it have a back seat... and no longer a need for a passat wagon...
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