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Burnt Toast, 0370

Tell us the stroy of how you got you got your van, when you bought it, where it was and and where you are now. Include serial number and year if you can

Burnt Toast, 0370

Postby CRSMP5 » Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:51 pm

well i landed mine by sure unexpectation..

in 95ish my friend got a low floor example that in 97 i installed a gas and 5 speed jetta engine into..

over the years i had seen the high floors pop up from time to time for more money then i had to invest..

well in mar 2011 my mom died.. next thing i knew is april i get a letter stating she has some insurance money comin my way..

in june i receive a check.. and all of a sudden a 85 low floor pops up in a classified section.. it was 2200 with no motor/trans and been sitting many miles from home for at min 4 years..

at the same time, the ftd one up in the gallery, white and now looks to be getting polished. yes its the same one, was for sale for double.. and being a high floor did not appeal to me near as much even though it was hours closer to home.. paul works on it... made the roof rack which is how i know its same one..

so i borrow my bosses blazer.. rent a tow dolly and spend 8hr on the way to pick her up.. many tolls later and gas was over 4$/gal at the time.. i have over $500 in fetching it.. its home..


bumpers were removed but inside it.. wiring cut.. no engine/tranny.. this is on 5-16-11

5 weeks later after everything is gone thru.. the tdi engine has a full rebuild, had it sitting for months to go into another project.. mounted up.. driving it... borrowed stock pile of parts from this and that.. like the wheel/seats to end up with this....


at the get go of this all i had a hard time justyfing the purchase.. i have never spent over 1500 on any "running car" much less a empty box.. most need built cars i spent 300 on.. which is all but one of the cars ive owned since i started driving in 89... that one being a 83 jetta td coupe that i drove for 2 years and was 1500 when i got it and sold it..

now that ive drove it.. loved it.. carressed it.. so on.. its justified.. LOL.. i have a titch over 7k in it before we think of my 5 weeks of love in it.. which is not the end either.. between june 23rd and oct 15th i pulled off 6000 miles of shows and road trips.. its let me relize one thing.. there is nothing else you can possibly drive that is as much fun as a kubvan.. doors wide open.. 70mph.. the sound of a diesel.. the looks on others faces... this is also the first vw diesel that is able to crack 3 digits (gotta love gps) and still have more to go that ive ever owned..

sadly i cannot use it as a daily.. tried to insure it thru my normal insurance company with them saying no way.. i now hate progressive.. and well went with a collector car company.. 134/year... full coverage, $10k stated value (worst case i get my money back/some of my time if i get hit).. roadside.. unlimited milage...not a bad deal.. just gotta keep in a garage and not use for everyday.. which i guess is good as to be honest.. 50*f wet roads its a bit unconventional.. traction is of issue under boost.. likes to rip them tires free :lol: who can say that about a vw diesel..

this season i still have plans..

bigger fuel tank.. low floor ~10 gal..
back seat set up that folds into a bed..
roof rack.. to hold a set of toast tops to further the burnt toast name..
work on my exhaust set up..
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Re: Burnt Toast, 0370

Postby luckham » Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:57 pm

Love it !
Another great quote
"there is nothing else you can possibly drive that is as much fun as a kubvan.. doors wide open.. 70mph.. the sound of a diesel.. the looks on others faces.. "
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Re: Burnt Toast, 0370

Postby CRSMP5 » Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:49 pm

ive had people speed up.. men and women... in really nice cars to give me thumbs up.. hell round town.. at lights and stuff.. the people walking you can hear.. :lol: be it teen girls or what not..

my fav is the girls in the subby who were rollin 90+ to catch up and play cat/mouse for a good 20 miles right into a speed trap.. :oops: felt bad for them.. i know they got clocked.. gave me oppertunity to slow down.. :lol:

the 2nd is
when on way back from picking it up.. since im pretty much following a 5 speed 1.6na which lacks 5th gear due to how the engine is mounted.. so crooked a politican would love.. we came upon a couple staties in the turn aound who had to hurry up and catch up to me.. im like wtf.. i did not do anything wrong.. no way im speeding.. so for a good 5 miles he just hangs there running plates or what not.. then continued on the way.. the guy driving the oops truck was also like your getting stopped... :roll:

one day ill borrow friends gps, a vid camera and do a vid of how silly the tdi-m is.. its not right... makes you wanna piss off the guy beside you at a light.. when they in some gas guzzlin v8..
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Re: Burnt Toast, 0370

Postby Jacob » Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:53 pm

^^^^That's a fantastic photo^^^^^^ Yes, I agree. I get more looks, people pointing, etc, than with any other vehicle I own, including my restored 67 Vw van.
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Re: Burnt Toast, 0370

Postby CRSMP5 » Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:29 pm

i still need some rollin shots of mine... one day.. :D bt yes ts nice pic.. hard to beleive i took it while driving..
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