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The Christmas Van

Tell us the stroy of how you got you got your van, when you bought it, where it was and and where you are now. Include serial number and year if you can

The Christmas Van

Postby kubvan » Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:53 am

We call it the Christmas van because it was the delivery vehicle for a Christmas store.
I had seen it in an alley in Victoria, and left a note. (your all familiar with those notes right)
Anyway she contacts me as says she want to sell it as it was costing to much to maintain.
She said an employee had offered her $600.00 for it and wanted to know what a fair value was.
I told her what I new and said "I am sure I could get you twice that from people I know that want one."
That said I as committed to find her a buyer, as it turned out all the people that had said :
"Let me know if you find one I will buy it on the spot", all bailed out.
So I bought it, by this time I already owned 3 and having 4 was clearly getting out of hand.
So I sold the 3rd one I had bought as it ha no engine and was in rough shape.
The Christmas Van is now my 4X4 camper van conversion project see this link:
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