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3 speed Auto 010 Gear ratios and work

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3 speed Auto 010 Gear ratios and work

Postby shortysclimbin » Sun Feb 15, 2015 9:02 pm

Well started digging into the Kubvan modifications really heavy lately.. I am currently ripping apart two (yes two) 010 3 speed autos to build one good box for a tdi swap. I was using A2resources ratios list, rive in one and a 3.13 hoping to find a 3.12 final drive in the other, but I am instead finding 3.392 and 3.32 final drives? Can anyone with an oem Kubvan tell me RPM levels in 3rd gear for me at say 60, or 70 mph? I want to use this information to confirm my findings...

Also, being that it has three gears (one intermediate gear) We might be able to change the gear sizings a bit to come up with a lower ratio. I was hoping for 2.6 or 2.5 range, Right now it looks like oem vw final drives from 02As are the same size id, with, and gear pitch! :D

Anyone able to help with spare parts identification I will share my info freely with.. I would love to get this thing holding 200whp and still keep the oem 3 speed for fun.
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