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best tdi for kubvan swap!!!

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best tdi for kubvan swap!!!

Postby CRSMP5 » Sat May 11, 2013 10:25 am

97 tdi.. silver in color, tan interior with black plastics and carpet.... sedan....

up for sale....
tdi swap, complete drop in b3 wagon imo.. timming belt/intake/maintence done 30k ago..

-----the bad------------
the pump is now seeping fuel Sad been sitting 6mo... 2k.. you pick it up... or arrange person to pick up and ship..

harnneeses.. tail lights to headlights.. ce2 converson
dash switches/electronics
all evap/underhood lines/hoses
rad/ac condencer.. both used for few months.. not even 12mo old
heaterbox/r134 lines... aka swap your b3 to tdi... and r134...
float from tank.. this usless unless b4..

clutch master/slave
alt, ps pump, no ps lines... ill be pitching them unless you speak up before i strip it

i posted this on a few other forums... but for here.. we can list/supply the stuff you need.. silly bs stuff like ps/ac you will not use/need.. but will be complete conversion..

some fab, hydro clutch and mounts for the tranny have to be made.. but we can discuss that in depth... not too bad imo..
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