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Selling my 1985 Kubvan #385

List your kubvans here, important info should include year/serial number/mileage/engine/tranny/type ie low floor/running or not/and location
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Selling my 1985 Kubvan #385

Postby HD54KH » Wed Feb 26, 2020 1:40 pm

1985 Grumman Kubvan 1.6 VW Diesel 5 Spd. Manual Price: 7200.00
If interested please read thru my complete ad as I'm trying to be fully transparent and honest. I have owned this for 16 years after I tried to buy it for 13 years before that. I have downsized and do not want this to sit outside unloved.

ALL NEW PHOTOS check out the 3 Photobucket links below it is picture heavy

This is currently the most complete original intact KUBVAN available right now, how many like this are you likely to see now and in the future.

Rare to see one of these up for sale! #385 of 500 built from 1983 to 1985 built by Grumman Corp. with the full drive train supplied by the Volkswagen Pick Up Factory in Montgomery Pa. during that same era.

This Model 120 has all the good stuff 1.6 diesel and 5 speed manual. low floor with rear barn doors and VW Pick Up rear suspension

I have installed a 2 tank dual fuel system that can run on either diesel or straight veggie oil. Really a nice clean well engineered efficient install.

In the past few years I have installed all new brake lines hard and rubber, rear brake cylinders, drums and e brake cables. Front rotors and calipers but from sitting the front right caliper is sticking. Poorly rebuilt I guess.

Brand new battery
Resealed injection pump
Clutch pressure plate and TOB
Complete NOS heating system installed
Wiper shafts
Water pump
Timing belt and tensioner
Coolant hoses
NOS bumpers (super rare)

Also have piles of spare parts and many NOS pieces such as headlight bezals, locks. strikes, bumper brackets. emblem for rear, electrics, steering wheel horn cover. Original wheels spare radiator. starter, alternators. relays and so on.........

Reprint parts and service manuals along with NOS owners manual, sales brochures and magazine articles. Really a strong collection of Kubvan paperwork.

The bad:
Sticking front right caliper
Timing needs checking I seem to run out of power above 55 mph
Tires are older should get new, currently have 14 inch rims but the original 13s with all very good hubcaps are included
Door windows need servicing but in the warm weather I just cruise with the doors open.




Here is a link to my photobucket account for lots more pictures: ... t=9&page=1 ... t=9&page=1 ... t=3&page=2

Veggie Fuel System Pictures: ... t=3&page=1

I also have a text list of the NOS and spare parts the are included.

I can email the complete list of spares for serious parties

Any NOS parts are Kubvan Specific, service parts and tested used parts are generally for the VW MK!/MK2 platform these were built on.

Some of the used were just run for short periods of time for testing or swapped in and out of a track car I had.

The original transmission is included but due to storage and sitting for many years will be considered a core. I have a FN close ratio tranny installed right now as it was a bit peppier to drive in my old area. I has only maybe 2 thousand mile since the rebuild. And was my backup for the track car.

I have not run the veggie system as it will need to be flushed due to spoiled veggie oil. I had to park it for 2 years while transitioning for a move.
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!985 Kubvan Model 120 #385 Built 11/84
1.6 N/A 5 Speed
Low interior deck
Swinging full length doors in rear
2 Tank Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion
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Re: Possibly selling my 1985 Kubvan #385

Postby HD54KH » Thu Feb 27, 2020 9:22 am

Here is my Potobucket link for pictures: ... t=3&page=1
!985 Kubvan Model 120 #385 Built 11/84
1.6 N/A 5 Speed
Low interior deck
Swinging full length doors in rear
2 Tank Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion
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