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Postby roky » Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:27 pm

Hi all -- what follows is the listing that will be starting on ebay in 2 hours -- sold the house here(cape vincent, ny), and don't have time to do the rest of the work, but got her running and shifting -- auction will start at $1000 -- take care, bob

Ok, this is an unusual vehicle. Think of it as a mini-mini van. It is like the larger Grumman Olson Stepvan, but is not only an aluminum body, but also an aluminum frame, and therefore very light, resulting in 35mpg highway. The back storage area measures approx. 6' long by 5' wide, and so I converted it to a mini-camper, with a roof vent, and enormous moonroof(just a plexiglass sheet from Lowes). Like the Stepvan/UPS truck, the sliding doors lock in the open position, so I got to tour Zion Canyon with the moonroof and both doors wide open -- amazing! It was large enough for my wife and I to camp in for 6 weeks, and made several cross-country tours. Has additional storage below seat and bed. This is a rebuilt 1.5 liter VW diesel, starts every time, good compression, but we're not talking a lot of power. If the buyer has access to a 1.6 or larger, even turbo, VW diesel, it would help this un-aerodynamic van out. The running gear is all VW Rabbit, or VW Dasher(rear axle). I saved all panels that I removed for the moonroof and roof vent, if anyone cares to restore to original condition. Tires have 0 tread wear.

CONDITION: Because I am selling my home and have limited time to sell my posessions, and am not insuring this vehicle, I cannot even examine some of the aspects, and so am selling "as-is", with the understanding that the buyer will need to make some repairs. The engine starts and runs, the shifter and clutch are functional, at least I can drive it around in my large yard, and did work on the road 4 yrs ago. The brakes work, but the master cylinder is leaking badly, which I plan on replacing before the auction closes. The heater worked very well, as did the wipers, but not at present(many of these defects should prove to be minor wiring, oxidation, issues.) Headlights work, not taillights(oxidized ground issue), directional switch works, but only one bulb works(usually just a process of elimination, cleaning contacts). Never had back-up lights, the emergency brake is frozen. The battery is too large to close the hood completely, its not the one I drove with, so I will bungee the hood closed. The front lip of the hood is bent up, I can't remember how that happened. The driver-side window is stuck. The moonroof is warped from the sun. Several dings on the body, and an ugly primer paint job.
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