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Kubvan for sale

List your kubvans here, important info should include year/serial number/mileage/engine/tranny/type ie low floor/running or not/and location
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Kubvan for sale

Postby spence » Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:04 am

I have a Kubvan for sale that never had a Grumman ID tag. I bought 6 Kubvans from Jack at Parts Place in 1988. One was one of the original postal test vehicles that never carried mail, just used as a mule to test for cracks in the chassis. The ID tag had NO Vin # on it, just USPS Property, NOT FOR RESALE. It still had the testing equipment in it when I bought it, with over 800K miles. Since it was complete, or nearly, I pulled the diesel engine out of it and put in a 1.6 gas engine, added trays. I had it inspected, was told to use the vin # of the donor vehicle and issued a title. After a year I updated the engine to a 1.8 GTI and added 4 wheel disc brakes. Nineteen years later I totaled it while still delivering mail, that is when I assembled this brand new body. I installed a rebuilt 1.8 engine and a replacement automatic, along with a new right hand drive steering rack, rebuilt axles, new shocks and springs. At this time I made adapter brackets to make replacing rear shocks easier. Replacing the rear shocks on a Kubvan is one of the hardest things about the van. I used the Kubvan for 5 years until I retired. It is exactly like the last day I drove it. It has always had Mobil 1 used in it. It handles great and runs great. If I was going to use it, I would replace the dash and add the VW gauge set that I have. I was just in a hurry to put it together. (two weeks to assemble it). I have no idea how many miles it has on it since I assembled it, but my route was about 55 miles long, 5 days a week for 5 years, not accounting for holidays and vacation. I have a lot of spares with it that are included if I don't sell them first. Used 1.8 engine, w/automatic (mileage unk, but had no problems), new wheel bearings, new water pumps, elec fuel pump, tie rod ends, ball joints, engine gaskets, set of used snow tires on steel wheels, 2 or 3 new tires-never mounted, extra set of mags, many extra new dash parts, new bumpers, new hood, plus a used hood, new grill, new data plates, new axles, cv joint boots, spark plugs, new front fender panel, new quarter panel, motor mounts, engine mounts, 10 or 20 new original headlight rims, new headlight buckets, lots of parts. I had a box of Kubvan insignia plates, corner pieces front and rear, e-brake cables, vin # tags and key fobs, but scrapped a lot of them, if I have anything else, Grumman it will be included with the sale. I'm located in Lucas, Ohio and will help with the loading. I'm asking $5000 cash. Any questions you can call me at 419 610 4677. Oh and one question I always get, is if I still have the other ones, No. One was converted to a small block Chevy, one is still local with a Ford Focus conversion (which was built as a electric version, lhd, long body?) and the other two were bought by a guy from Fl.
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Re: Kubvan for sale

Postby shortysclimbin » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:13 am

Spence, Tried to call but the phone doesn't work Im looking for some of your spare parts.
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Re: Kubvan for sale

Postby HD54KH » Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:51 pm

^^^^ Me too, bumpers and headlight trim

!985 Kubvan Model 120 #385 Built 11/84
1.6 N/A 5 Speed
Low interior deck
Swinging full length doors in rear
2 Tank Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion
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