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Please Help Me Find Van #169!

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Please Help Me Find Van #169!

Postby MikeKub1984 » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:01 pm

POST FOR THE FORUM: Please help find #169! [post on facebook too]

Hello fellow Kubvan enthusiasts! I would like all of your help to find a long-lost Kubvan which I have been trying to locate (and hopefully eventually purchase). It is very special to me and I have always dreamed of owning it. It was part of my Grandfather’s business, which no longer exists.

The VIN is 1GWKG21B6EGB00169. According to Peter here on the forum, this makes the van #169. I believe it to be a 1984 model. It has a VW Rabbit chassis with a Diesel, and had Rabbit hubcaps on it when last I saw it.

The last time I saw the van was in June 2003 in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. It was owned by a friend of mine, who had been employed by the original van’s original owner—Lehigh Valley Volkswagen in Allentown (a now-defunct dealership who used the Kubvan for parts delivery). When the business was sold, my friend bought the van for $1. He kept the van for awhile, but had to move to Tennessee, and needed to downsize. That meant selling the Kubvan. My friend told me he sold it sometime around 2007.

In May 2016, my friend and I talked again and he recalled some details about the person he sold #169 to. It was a gentleman, and the gentleman lives on Dewberry Avenue in Bethlehem Pennsylvania (zip code 18017), not far from where my friend lived (this is near Lehigh University). He didn’t recall the man’s name nor any details about him personally, but since the road is only a few miles long, it helps to be able to narrow down where to look.

A crude "composite drawing" of the van will follow. The van had "VW" Volkswagen logos on both sides back in '03.

The bottom line is that it is gray on top and blue on the bottom. The blue may be Post Office blue, which was then in use on Jeep DJ-5’s.

Some other markings it has may be found on the back. One rear window has a sticker with a variation of the ASE gear logo on it (I believe it was orange and dates from the 1980’s). The sides will have discoloration on them from where the name of the business (Lehigh Valley Volkswagen) was painted over and/or removed. The back doors may have similar discoloration where the phone number to the business was, and the words “parts hotline” and/or area code 215 may be seen there.
I appreciate any information that anyone can give me about this van’s whereabouts. The van came with a lot of extra parts (I believe including an extra engine or two, plus books and literature). If anyone living in and around Bethlehem has ever seen the van at any of the nearby Diesel fuel stations, or has seen it driving on the roads in or around the area, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate any help that any of you can provide.

Please post to the forum if you need any additional information to aid in the search.
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Re: Please Help Me Find Van #169!

Postby MikeKub1984 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:35 pm

Kubvan composite.png
Kubvan composite.png (119.21 KiB) Viewed 1451 times

This is a crude "composite drawing" made from a photo of a similar looking van to depict the way the paint looked when I saw the van in June 2003. That was when my friend in Bethlehem PA still owned it.
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