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New to Kubvan site

Postby spence » Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:40 am

I have been trying to get on the site for some time, problems with computer and my brain. I have also tried to get on the facebook site but for some reason they won't accept me. Anyway, I bought my first Kubvans in 1988. I bought six of them from Jack at Parts Place in Michigan. He had bought out the Grumman inventory and I bought him out, at least what he had left. None of the six that I bought had serial numbers, five of them had not been completed and did not even have a data plate in them, just the bare aluminum bodies with glass and wiring. I also have worked on a couple of others in the area. I know everybody says there are only 533 of these trucks, but I doubt if mine are included in that number. One of the Kubvans that I bought did have a vin plate, but it had Property of the USPS, NOT FOR RESALE, where the number goes. When I bought it, it had over 800K miles on it and had gauges and sensors in it with wires leading to a lot of places on the frame and suspension points that I would guess were checking for cracking. This was obviously one of the very first as it had sandwiched aluminum sheet for suspension pick up points, instead of the forged pick up points of the later ones. I drove this Kubvan for about 20 years before totaling it. I then built another one in about 2 weeks and drove it for 5 years before retiring. That is the one I am selling. I sold one of them to a guy that put a small block Chevy in it, and another one has a Ford Focus running gear in it, that was a tight fit. Over the years I have scrapped a lot of the extra parts I had because I had no idea they would be wanted, and I needed the space. I scrapped out a hundred e-brake cables and handles, buckets of Kubvan insignia, aluminum corner pieces, window crank assemblies, doors, window glass etc. I do still have a couple of bumpers, hoods, dash parts, grills, a front fender and quarter panel, head light rims, a shifter with cable, data plates and more. I saw on the facebook site the crazy prices people were paying for those repro headlight rims and I couldn't believe it. I would love to sell all of this stuff but I would like to sell it as a one time deal. I would be glad to help with any of the other owners that I can. I listed my Kubvan on the facebook site but have not gotten even one reply. There is also a Kurbwatt in Geneva, Oh for sale, it is on Craigs list for anybody interested. I believe the vin # is 084 on that one.
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