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Build Date and Serial Number

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Build Date and Serial Number

Postby HD54KH » Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:35 pm

How about a thread on compiling the build dates and serial numbers of our Kubs, than our host can add this info to the serial number database. If we can also include details such as:

High/low floor
Lift up or swinging rear doors
5 or 4 speed or automatic
Factory windows
Fuel type
Anything else I might be forgetting.

This would be some interesting and historical data for our community.

I'll start with mine:

#385 11/84
G2210 KN 85 DL120 G (Body ID Tag on left side dash)
Model 120
Low floor
Swinging rear doors
Rear door windows only
No Glove Box (seat pedestal cubholes)
No upper Cubhole
Chrome window cranks, black door handles
Stainless mirrors and mount hoop
3 Point seat belts
5 Speed
32,000 on the speedo and maybe right??????

Thanks and lets all join in.

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!985 Kubvan Model 120 #385 Built 11/84
1.6 N/A 5 Speed
Low interior deck
Swinging full length doors in rear
2 Tank Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion
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Re: Build Date and Serial Number

Postby CRSMP5 » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:45 pm

010 (build date... 83.....)
high floor
5 speed (factory)
no windows
unknown miles (most quit counting round 80k..)
--------------other options----------
steel mirror hoops
factory glovebox
chrome door handles on sliding doors
no upper cubby (some have box that hides the wipers)
lap belts
model 100

370, 10-84
low floor
auto (now 5 speed)
no windows
if accurate 40024 when gotten, ~53k now
stainless mirror/hoops/brackets
no sunvisors
no upper cubby
3point belts
model 120 (located on dash vin, under vin #)

337 11-84..... why # less when built after mine.. no idea..
has hole for auto.. but filled with plate that matches dash vinyl.. current 4 speed...was a 5 speed at some point
windows added.. not grumman..
unknown.. 80+k
larger steel hoops... not normal odd sized small ones... not rethought.. no filled small hole.. so factory was large..
no upper cubby
3 point belts
model 120

bluebomber ford.... build date/vin do not exist on any ford ive seen.. just custom epa # and state issued special vin plates...
rear windows
lap belts

P.S. added options...
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