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VIN # update

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VIN # update

Postby luckham » Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:19 pm

I just updated the serial number database. I now have 51 VIN # of the 114 vehicles that I think I have tracked down so far. The 114 number may be off at this point due to vehicles changing hands over the 23 years I have been collecting the data. When I started I had determined the number of vans from photos that had been submitted to me and thru this website. It would be nice to get all the VIN # so If your serial # number is not on the list send me a personal message and I will put it on. If you submitted photos to me as well it would encourage me to rework the database page to include those photos and the dates they were received.
Lets try and get the number up, there is supposed to be 500 vans out there and may be we can find #169 for mike.

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