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steering rack, ford kubvan, can be used on vw for idea

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steering rack, ford kubvan, can be used on vw for idea

Postby CRSMP5 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:19 am

well the blue ford kubvan im doing work on had steering rack issues..

1st off the rack i from a 1983 ford tempo... 84 went to power steering and not same.. so good fyi info there.. but around 170$

2nd.. getting said rack out is a major issue.. its got this 4" shaft that goes to the steering column that in best case only requires removal of the handbrake/fuel lines.. while worse case requires removal of the tranny.. the shaft requires a straight pull ou tfrom the firewall.. not enough area to twist to get the thing out..

so my wizbang solution.. LOL.. the rack id is 30mm (tube on pass side), and the rack shaft is 22mm od (piece tierod connects)..

what failed... actually common on a vw rack is the nylon bushing wears out, the internal shaft then wonders around screwing up the alignment, knocks and so on..

years ago 17ish.. febi/bilstine racks were JUNK.. i had put a few in old rabbits to have them fail 8 or so months later for the same thing.. the plastic was crap.. so a idea was to get the bushing made up out of some other plastic at a local machine shop.. i had left that place of employment by the time this took place..

so with that idea... i measured the id of the rack, the shaft.. aka 30mm od, 22mm id.. for a ford.. no idea what vw is.. and set off to the guy who made up my pump gear for the tdi-m fri.. went to a local plastics place got a piece of 2" od dilron (sp??) rod.. its harder then nylon.. for $10... then stopped at the machinest with my dementions.. i picked up my cute piece of plastic yesterday... cost $10 for the machine work.. and a $10 tip to go buy himself lunch.. so $30 total investment vs $170 rack..

final dementions of the new bushing were 1.5" long, 30mm od and a loose 22mm id.. .

install... ill say 1hr max.. and this simple too... remove clamp at rack boot.. slide rack boot down the tierod.. remove inner tierod.. lots of room for this... slide new bushing onto rack shaft.. the old pieces were sittin int he rack boot.. tap the bushing into the rack.. i then peened the rack tube so it could not slide out of the rack.. the other side like vw is tapered so cannot slide further into the rack.. put tie rod back on put boot on.. new clamp...

good saving for the ford.. LOL... this idea can be used on the vw stuff too.. just lack the dementions.. its close to the same design..
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